Copita Club

Copita Club


Join the Copita Club and get a new and different small cup every quarter.   By joining this yearly subscription, you support the Parlor Room Studio and my creative development AND get a unique ceramic cup every season.  Start your handmade mug collection or give them as gifts. This subscription is perfect for those who enjoy the little things: espresso, sake, scotch, cortado, scoffa, punch...

These mugs are thoughtful explorations in form and function and will vary from Parlor Room's current designs.  Copitas are designed to hold between 2-4 oz depending on the design. This is a yearly subscription and is charged just the one time for the year. You can choose Local Studio Pickup to forgo the shipping costs, or choose Shipped subscription which adds $22 to offset the cost of shipping 4 packages throughout the year. See our shipping schedule below


Sign Up Deadline                  End/Beginning Delivery

Dec 25.                                       Jan/Feb Mug

Mar 25.                                       Apr/May Mug

Jun 25.                                       July/Aug Mug

Sep 25.                                       Oct/Nov Mug

Price Options
Copita Club
Get a unique small cup every quarter
$75.00yearly/ auto-renew