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Parlor Room


Art Meets Bar

Design Meets Hospitality

Ceramics for Everyday Rituals.

Our Story

The Parlor Room was created by long-time artist and bartender Sara Beckton-Leon as a place to manifest her creative exploits and passion for hospitality. What started as an interest in specialty barware pieces, the Parlor Room Studio designs ceramics to bring people together, foster slow living, and savor the stuff of life.  With a background in fine art, architecture, teaching, and bartending, Sara brings together her interests and experience in her vision of

The Parlor Room: A place to Drink with Enthusiasm, Create with Passion, and Live with Intention



You can find her behind the stick at Fluid State Beer Garden most weekends or at her art studio at the Bell Arts Factory in Ventura, California.  

Our Goods

Design, functionality, and versatility are the pillars of my ceramics. The clays, glazes, and designs change seasonally, but the modern sensibility will be the same. With shop updates every quarter, my goal is to make well designed ceramics an accessible part of your everyday rituals. Join the Email List to never miss a new release or visit the Goods Page to see what's in stock.

Our Workshops

With a background in art and teaching, I knew I wanted my business to also be a place to share the gift of creative exploration with my community.  I host private workshops in both hand building and wheel throwing ceramics. Since the emergence of Covid-19, I host only private parties where you can bring your group of up to 10 to the studio for a tailored experience in creating ceramic wares of your own. Visit the Services Page to explore & request a workshop

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