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Americano/Wine Tumbler

Americano/Wine Tumbler


This Handmade, Ceramic Tumbler was designed for you to drink in style, whatever that drink may be. Handsome and versatile, this ceramic cup is ideal for serving tea, wine, or an americano. Attractive and outrageously comfortable, this handmade 8 oz cup makes a sleek and functional addition to your table or bar.


Bartender Made & Designed with a modern, versatile sensibility, these cups will elevate your drinking experience morning, noon, or night.

  • Product Info

    Holds 8-10 oz

    Approximately 3-1/4”x3-1/4”

    Each item is handmade so please cherish the unique variances between pieces.

    Dishwasher Safe

    Not Oven Safe

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