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Champagne Bucket

Champagne Bucket


This Handmade Ceramic Champagne Bucket is a versatile addition to your table and countertop. Elegant and practical, this stoneware wine cooler is well suited to keeping your bubbly prime for serving. Simply chill fill with a mixture of ice and water and submerge your bubbly. When not in use for chilling wine, this ceramic ice bucket makes a handsome utensil holder for the countertop.

Bartender Made & Designed with a modern, versatile sensibility, this Ceramic Champagne Bucket will elevate your serving experience whether you need a cool cup of vino or a convenient container of crockery.

White on Speckled Stoneware

Hand Wash Preferred

Approximately 6”x6 1/2”

  • Product Info

    Approximately 6”x6-1/2”

    Each item is handmade so please cherish the unique variances between pieces

    Dishwasher Safe

    Not Oven Safe

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